Why Epoxy Flooring Is Ideal for Businesses

Posted on: 13 October 2020

The flooring in a business space covers a vast area — thus, how you decorate it shapes how professional and smart your company appears. One option to consider is epoxy flooring. Here are several reasons why this is ideal for businesses. 


A food-grade epoxy mixture seals every pore and crevice in a concrete floor, forming a smooth surface that doesn't trap dirt. Thus, these surfaces are extremely hygienic — a necessity for particular businesses. For example, pharmaceutical companies and commercial kitchens are two environments that can't afford flooring that harbours germs. However, a hygienic surface is beneficial for virtually all companies, as they have to comply with health and safety regulations. Conversely, flooring with tiles, trap grime and encourage mould by holding moisture. 


Flooring for businesses needs to be durable — more so than for homes — as countless people and machines might traverse it every day. Being extremely tough, epoxy floors are ideal for commercial spaces. The hardened resin coating resists chemical spills, marks from hot tyres, and scratches and abrasions. Thus, it can handle the constant foot traffic you might encounter in a retail store or showroom. Plus, it can withstand heavy machinery and vehicles that operate in factories and warehouses. Both the epoxy coat and concrete underneath are durable.

Low Maintenance

In commercial premises, you don't want to waste excessive time on high-maintenance flooring. Thus, you need a surface that almost looks after itself — like epoxy coatings. It's non-porous and therefore doesn't stain easily, so it will retain its good looks for longer. However, all flooring requires some care. You'll need to clean it with a mild cleanser regularly — don't use harsh, acidic solvents that can damage the seal. Plus, clean up spills to prevent them from attacking the hard surface. Make sure also to vacuum up abrasive dust and dirt.

Design Options

For a business, the appearance of flooring is also all-important. If you're in retail, it should appeal to your target customers. A warehouse or factory might not welcome so many customers, but these spaces need to look professional for client meetings and also be attractive to create a pleasant work environment.

Because you can decorate epoxy flooring with virtually any colour and pattern, it can enhance varied settings. Contractors can add pigments, flakes, metallic specks, and other elements. You can design surfaces that mimic stone, bronze, or even timber planks. You can also create designs and pictures in the flooring, including your company's logo. The decorative options are virtually open-ended.