Painful Potholes: Three Options For Dealing With Driveway Depressions

Posted on: 16 May 2018

The Australian summer has gone, and with it, the violent summer storms have dissipated. However, all that rain leaves behind property damage, and that includes potholes. As someone who has noticed a couple of small potholes in your driveway, you want to know what your options are for repairing them. Here are three options which are currently available to you.

Option One—Do Nothing

A small pothole is not aesthetically pleasing, but it's just a small pothole, right? All you need to do is swerve around it and problem solved. There are two issues with this option. Firstly, a small pothole expands over time. As the wind and rain attack the pothole, erosion occurs a little at a time. The edges of the pothole get blown or washed away, and this makes the hole bigger. Secondly, every time you accidentally drive over the pothole, you risk damage to your car's suspension or tires.

Therefore, it is best to consider a repair option for the pothole while the autumn weather is calm and cool.

Option Two—DIY Pothole Repair

The second option is to fill the pothole yourself. To do this, you will need to visit your local landscape supplier to purchase enough small, loose aggregate rock to fill up the pothole. The rock needs to be laid into the hole and then compacted until it becomes a tight fill within the hole. Once the hole is filled and flat, then you can apply a sealant cover purchased from your hardware store. You can rent a compactor from your local industrial tool hire company. The job itself takes time as you need to make sure the aggregate completely fills the hole before the sealant is applied. It needs to be a tight, full fit so as not to break away under the weight of your car.

If you don't fancy the idea of hard labour and hiring industrial equipment, then you need to choose option three.

Option Three—Hire A Driveway Repair Contractor

A driveway repair contractor has the tools and materials needed to fill the pothole correctly the first time. You don't need to hire a compactor, nor do you need to find a way to get the aggregate fill home from the landscape company. All you need to do is a pick up a phone, choose the date that suits you best and allow someone else to do the job for you. Your back and your car's suspension will thank you for choosing option three.