Quick Tips for Adding Style to Your Home's Exterior With Pattern Pavers

Posted on: 14 April 2017

Pattern pavers are a very attractive and very affordable way to add style to your home's exterior. A pattern paver is a layer of concrete that is painted or stained with a cut-out or mould then pressed into the surface so that it resembles brick, stone or other individual pieces. This type of pattern can break up the look of a long driveway or make it look more natural and less industrial. You can have pattern pavers installed for a patio, landscaping area, or any area of your property. Note a few tips for using these pavers to add style to your home's exterior.

Start with your home's colour

You may love the look of natural brick for a driveway, but note your home's colour before deciding on your new pattern pavers. If your home has blue aluminium siding or is a very modern design, rustic red brick for your pattern can seem out of place; a grey tinge can be the better choice. On the other hand, if your home is white and seems a bit drab, a strong red shade can add visual interest. For homes painted in a brown shade, opt for a pattern and colour that resembles natural stone, in a tan or sandy colour.

Choose the size and pattern

If you're adding pattern pavers to a long driveway, small squares can actually look very cluttered. However, if you're adding the pattern pavers to your backyard to create a walkway, the smaller pieces can break up the look of a large lawn.

Keep this in mind if you're choosing a mosaic design, with different shapes of pieces. Opt for larger pieces for that long driveway, but add in some smaller patterns for anything installed on the lawn.

If you're not sure if smaller pieces would be too small for the location of the spacers, consider adding a border along the driveway or walkway, using larger pieces. This can break up the look of the smaller pattern and keep it from seeming busy and cluttered.

Choose an aggregate

You may love the look of stone for a driveway or walkway, but consider if this would offer enough traction for walking or driving on the surface. That smooth surface can be very slick, especially when wet, and it can then become outright unsafe. An aggregate added to the top layer of concrete can offer more traction and the look of a rustic brick; if this isn't your style, use smaller pieces for the pattern and deeper trenches. Those deeper trenches will break up the slick surface of the paver and allow for that needed traction.